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Tyne and Wear HER(15544): Sunderland, High Street West, Nos. 174 to 175 - Details

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Sunderland, High Street West, Nos. 174 to 175







Extant Building

Predominantly a post-war rebuild with some attempt to retain something of the style of the original terrace. Robson's Plan of Sunderland and Bishopwearmouth 1817 shows the property but Raine's Eye Plan of 1790 does not, indicating that the original terrace was built sometime between 1790 and 1817. John Rennie's map of 1819-1822 shows a small seaprate building to the rear of 174-175, perhaps a workshop or independent dwelling. Sunderland's Commercial Directory of 1820 lists Nos. 174-175 was being occupied by Thomas Graham, bootmaker and Anthony Dobbing, hat maker. In 1857 No. 174 was the School Of Design (secretary was T Dixon). No. 175 was Forster & Co, cheese monger. In 1871 No. 174 was the office of the South Pontop and South Derwent Colliery, J Ayre & Co. shipbrokers and Hamilton & Co. shipbuilders. Goad's Insurance Plan of 1894 shows Nos. 174-175 as J. E Cannery's Oyster Saloon. The building had a single storey extension lit by a roof lantern, with an adjoining two storey structure. To the south was a brick tenement block marked 'Tens' facing onto Little Villiers Street. By 1910 G. Dirr, pork butcher, was at Nos. 174-175. In 1921 it was a hairdressers. The tenement block to the rear had disappeared by 1939. Sunderland was heavily bombed during Second World War and it would appear that Nos. 174-175 was extensively rebuilt in the post war period. The building is three storeys high plus attic space. Brick, painted dark brown. It has a poor quality shopfront at ground floor, three large windows at first floor, 3 smaller windows at second floor and rooflights in the attic.




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