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Gosforth, Gosforth Park, lake



Gardens Parks and Urban Spaces


Early Modern



Shown on Collard's plan 1838 with two islands which was fed by a stream from the north and drained into the Ouseburn to the south. It is still present but is much smaller in size. There is a stone sluice which once controlled the level of water and the ruined remains of the boat house. Kelly's Directory of Northumberland, 1894, mentions that the 50 acre lake is 'appropriated to boating, skating, or curling, according to the season of the year'. On 25th January 1895 in the Northern Echo, there is a report of a curling match on Gosforth Lake: 'S. Brown, Beith R. Burns v A. Guild, High Gosforth'. The York Herald, Saturday 16th November 1895, reported on the English section of the Royal Caledonian Curling Club. Whilst 20 clubs had joined the new association, and given that 'the interests of curling in England were never more prominent than at the present time', High Gosforth Park is listed as being 'practically extinct'. In 1986 a fishing or rowing boat was found in the peat (HER 1837).




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