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Tyne and Wear HER(15657): Shieldfield, Copland Terrace, General Wolfe Public House - Details

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Shieldfield, Copland Terrace, General Wolfe Public House




Licensed Premises

Public House

Early Modern


Demolished Building

Located on the corner of Copland Terrace and Canada Street. Purchased by Bass in 1920 for £5000. It lost its licence in 1927 because magistrates thought Shieldfield had too many pubs (it had 27 licenced premises). It became a temperance pub. It was bought at auction by the National Women's Total Abstinence Union. It was redecorated and a soda fountain replaced the beer pumps. Soft drinks and tea, coffee, beef extract and malted milk were available. Customers could play cards, chess, dominoes and darts in the sitting room. There was a billiard room upstairs with a wireless. The unlicenced pub was a success, providing 'solid sustenance at prices which fit the rather slender purse of Shieldfield'. Tea, coffee or cocoa cost a penny. A plate of biscuits or a snow cake cost a halfpenny. Cheese sandwiches three halfpence, ham sandwiches two pence. But the purchase and refit was expensive. In 1934 the Citizens' Service Society took over the building and used it as a boys' club and a centre for the unemployed.




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