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Wideopen, West View, milepost



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Milepost by the B1318, in parish of WIDE OPEN, Great North Road, by footpath in front of blue brick wall, on east side of road. Milestone Society Survey: metal post with attached metal plate, erected by an unknown authority in the 19th century to the Morpeth/Newcastle iron post design. Inscription reads; N / 6 / : : M / 8¾. 72cm high. One of a series of mileposts erected in the mid C19 on the Great North Road by the Cow-Causey and Buckton Burn Turnpike Trust (established in 1747). The Great North Road was the principal route between London and Edinburgh. The milepost is shown on the second edition Ordnance Survey of 1897. It was slightly moved between 1961 and 1969. The milestone has lost the detachable metal plate bearing the figures 8¾. Thirteen similar examples of mileposts along the former Great North Road between Newcastle and Berwick-upon-Tweed have been listed at Grade II. LISTED GRADE II




Milestone Society National ID: NB_NCMP06; Milestone Society Survey 7 September 2002, surveyor Iain A Davison; Historic England (Designation), 29 August 2017, Consultation Report; Historic England, 2 November 2017, Advice report

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