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N Tyneside

Tynemouth, Cricket Club




Sports Ground

Cricket Ground

Early Modern



Second oldest surviving sporting club in Tyne and Wear. Formed in 1847. They play at Preston Avenue in North Shields. Tynemouth Cricket Club moved to Preston Avenue in May 1885. Their original pavilion was moved here from their previous ground on Preston Lane. William Hope, of Hope & Maxwell, Tynemouth offered to design them a new pavilion in 1900. He based his design on a pavilion at Carlisle Cricket Club. The old pavilion was destroyed in a gale. The new one opened in July 1903. It had a centra; main hall with a barrel vaulted roof. There was a kitchen, a visitor's dressing room and a members' room. In 2005 Hope's pavilion was rebuilt by volunteers. The twin gables of the old one were retained but there was a new porch and extra wing.




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