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Gateshead and Newcastle

Newburn, Water Row, Tyne Rowing Club





Rowing Club

Early Modern


Documentary Evidence

Fourth oldest sporting club in Tyne and Wear. Tyne Amateur Rowing Club was formed on 16 December 1852. On 17th May 1853 the first boathouse, a rented wooden shed, opened at Low Elswick. In first season, Tyne wins the then principal trophy, the University Plate, at Durham Regatta. In 1854 Tyne Rowing Club organises the Great North-of-England Regatta over 1.5 mile course from Scotswood to Benwell Fishery. In 1861 Tyne Rowing Club wins Grand Challenge Cup at Durham for the first time. It also wins the Naworth Cup at Talkin Tarn outright. In 1863 James Wallace of Tyne Rowing Club came third in Wingfield Sculls. In 1870 the club was Winners of Senior Fours at Hamburg Regatta. However in 1891 the club was on the verge of collapse, with only three oarsmen at start of season. On 15th July that same year a new boathouse opened at Scotswood, costing £350. First eight-oared race on Tyne held on same day, between Nomads, Ryton, South Shields and Tyne Amateur Rowing Clubs. Tyne Rowing Club. In 1910 the “Newcastle Chronicle” Challenge Cup, formerly the trophy for the English Professional Sculling Championship, was donated by Mr Joseph Cowen. Renamed “Joseph Cowen” Challenge Cup. In 1952 a centenary dinner held on 16th December in County Hotel, Newcastle. In 1971 four members of the club represent the River Tyne at Saint John, New Brunswick, in a re-enactment of the race in 1871 during which James Renforth, the Tyne stroke, collapsed and later died. In 1981 the City of Newcastle Rowing Club formed. Many Senior members leave Tyne to join new club. In 1984 John Bland wins the first Tyne Rowing Club victory at Henley, rowing in the Tyne/Notts County composite crew which won the Stewards Cup. He went on to row in the coxless fours at the Los Angeles Olympics Games. The club name changed to Tyne Rowing Club on merger with City of Newcastle. In 1999 there was a second major extension to the Newburn Boathouse, financed by FSA grant and support from University of Northumbria.



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