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Tyne and Wear HER(15741): Hebburn, Hawthorn Leslie Shipyard, joiners shop - Details

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S Tyneside

Hebburn, Hawthorn Leslie Shipyard, joiners shop




Timber Product Site

Joiners Shop

Early Modern


Demolished Building

Built before 1897 when it appears on the Ordnance Survey map. Brick-built in mottled machine-made red brick. It is twenty bays long with a double pitch roof, and built in a simple functional style. The scars of an external staircase to a mezzanine are visible on the south façade, and of a pitched roof over a third floor window on the east façade. The joiners shop is grander in style and scale than the contemporary rigging loft. The joiners shop has a square clock tower which projects above the southern end of the building and has a simple moulded stone string course. The clocks are damaged and no longer work. A panel in the south façade is pierced by several rows of holes for electric cables, which ran through them to the former platers' shed to the south. In plans of the 1950s held by Cammell Laird, the joiners shop is labelled as a 'saw mill (three floors)'. Recorded by Lancaster University Archaeological Unit in June 2000.




Lancaster University Archaeological Unit, June 2000, Former Hawthorn Leslie Shipyard, Tyne and Wear, Archaeological Assessment

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