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S Tyneside

Whitburn, cross



Religious Ritual and Funerary




Documentary Evidence

This seems to be the only documentary reference to a cross at Whitburn: '4 September 1329. Simon son of John of Kelloe and John of Wingate (Wyndgates) had an argument in the exchequer in Wingate opposite the forge over a small hay-rick on 19 August. Afterwards Simon's son Nicholas stabbed John in the arm with a long knife. He died on 29 August. 18 September 1329. Matilda Corter of Chester, coming to Durham, was travelling towards Beutroue manor on 4 September. Crossing the Wear around vespers at Ryolford, she fell in and (m2) drowned. She was washed up at Trollesden. William Gilet of Whitburn (Whitberme) and John Dunyng of Whitburn had an argument in Whitburn opposite the cross at night on 3 September. William struck John in the head with a long knife. He died on 6 September'.




Reference code: GB-0033-DCD-Loc Title: Durham Cathedral Muniments: Locelli Dates of creation: Extent: original boxes Held by: Durham University Library, Archives and Special Collections Origination: Durham Cathedral. Language: Latin

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