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West Whorlton



Agriculture and Subsistence


Post Medieval


Documentary Evidence

Whorlton was part of the manor of Newburn, and was not separated from Newburn by definate boundaries until a comparitively late date. East Whorlton was said in 1825 to have consisted of one farmhold and four cottages. The township belonged to the Duke of Northumberland. A survey of the Lordship of Newburn by J. Thompson 1767, shows Whorleton (Whorlton Hall), Whorleton Moor House (Low Whorlton) and West Whorleton. Between 1760 and 1770 a constable was appointed for East and West Whorlton (Syon House K/i/5). In 1825 West Whorlton was occupied by Archibald Reed, Esq.




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