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Tyne and Wear HER(15801): Bishopwearmouth, Garrison Field - Details

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Bishopwearmouth, Garrison Field




Military Training Site

Parade Ground

Early Modern


Destroyed Monument

This field was used as a parade ground by the Durham Light Infantry and the Territorial Army so became known as Garrison Field. It roughly occupied the land from the fire station northward to the courts. Garrison Field also become the parade ground for the first ever Scout troop. Formed by Colonel Ernest Vaux of the famous brewing family, the troop became known as 'Vaux Own - Sunderland No 1'. On 22nd February 1908 Lt. Gen. Baden Powell, founder of the Scout Movement, inspected the first ever scout parade on Garrison Field. At the event he handed each one of the newly-recruited scouts the small ‘fleur de lys’ insignia badge that was to become the famous emblem for the Scouts. For decades Garrison Field was used for fairs or events, often featuring steam organs, roundabouts, stalls and shows. The open space is now gone, with a car park occupying much of this spot.



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