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New Tyne Bridge




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The Tyne Bridge was officially opened on 10th October 1928 by H.M. King George V. At once it provided a substantial increase in the river crossing capacity between Newcastle and Gateshead. The Tyne Bridge is a two hinged arch type of riveted steel with a 531 feet arch span, extending over 1,254 feet with approach spans supported on octagonal steel colums. It has a suspended road bed 84 feet above high water level. The two towers at each side of the river are built upon massive concrete abutments which are sunk into solid rock. The towers were faced with Cornish granite brought by sea from Looe, and contain lifts for maintenance purposes. The landward part of each road is of dry-filled retaining wall construction, at the Gateshead end, where these walls are visible, they have been faced with freestone recovered from the old Newcastle gaol, then being demolished. The engineers were Mott, Hay and Anderson, the architect R. Burns Dick, and construction was by Dorman, Long and Company. It is of historic interest as a forerunner of the larger Sydney Harbour Bridge built by the same company. LISTED GRADE 2*




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