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Westerhope, Whindykes cartway




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Post Medieval



In 1767 there was in existence a path along the line of the present field boundary at Whindykes, which crossed the meadow known as "Colt Holes". By 1847 this pathway is clearly marked on maps not only crossing this field but also heading generally north and west past Whorlton Hall and striking north. Indeed it can be seen to be following a watercourse flowing from a pond marked in what was by then a quarry along the Whinstone Dyke {HER REF. 4248), to the Ouseburn, just west of Woolsingham Bridge. Between 1847 and 1858 a new roadway was built following the line of the older path for the most part, but diverting slightly near the junction with Stamfordham Road. This is the raised way that can still be traced on site. It was built, without doubt, to facilitate the removal of whinstone from the quarry to Stamfordham Road. Both quarry and cartway had fallen out of use by 1898. The line of the cartway and the earlier footroad is still discernable but the original watercourse is no longer traceable.




<< HER 1589 >> I. Ayris, 1986, Stamfordham Road/Whindykes Area, Industrial Archaeological Assessment

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