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Byker, Kenton Close, Coal Pit (Lady Pit?)




Coal Mining Site


Early Modern


Documentary Evidence

TThe solid geology of the area is of Westphalian C & B sandstones with three coal crop lines running diagonally across the site, two of which are known to have been worked at some time in the past. It is likely that the exploitation of coal in the vicinity goes back hundereds of years; certainly to the later medieval period. Two pits lie in Kenton Close, one is called Kenton Pit (SMR 1592) and this one is unnamed. It may be Lady Pit shown on a Plan of Low Heaton c1740. This pit is only shown on one map, a plan of the Manor of Byker of c.1810, and probably exploited the Top Ryhope Little coal seam which outcropped in the area. There does not appear to have been a waggonway associated with these pits.




<< HER 1591 >> The Archaeological Practice, 1997, Shields Road, Regeneration, Archaeological Assessment; Turnbull, L, 2015, A Celebration of our Mining Heritage

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