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Newcastle, Robert Stephenson's Engine Works, furnace





Early Modern



Chimney constructed from squared sandstone blocks of uniform size (0.9m x 0.4m). 5.3m high and 1.8m square in plan. The top course of sandstone blocks overhung the rest of the chimney. The north-east elevation had evidence of plastering or rendering. Set back from the chimney to the west was a wall constructed from roughly coursed sandstone hewn into squared blocks. The south end of the wall had its top half built from brick. Within the wall was a blocked doorway. A plan of the works dating to 1837 shows a chimney within a larger structure and a substantial wall leading south from it. This wall formed the west elevation for the boiler shade and smith's shop and was the western boundary of Stephenson's Works. These structures are shown on nearly every plan since 1837. They were probably built between 1823 when R Stephenson and Co. took over the site and 1837. Between 1839 and 1846 the chimney was incorporated into a building, which was an erecting shop in 1846. Between 1930 and 1941 the chimney was in open ground again. The door was probably inserted into the wall after R Stephenson and Co moved to Darlington in 1903. The Goad Insurance Plan of 1930 shows the door between the building housing the chimney and the building to the west. The door was probably blocked up around 1930.




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