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Tyne and Wear HER(1598): Middle Brunton, West and East Farms - Details

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Middle Brunton, West and East Farms

Middle Brunton


Agriculture and Subsistence



Post Medieval


Extant Building

Freehold farmstead consisting of farmhouse, barn, strawhouse, stables, large cow houses, granary and two hind's cottages. Shown on a township map of 1730. The Ordnance Survey map of 1897 shows a Middle Brunton West Farm and an East Farm, each with their own farmstead. West Farm was converted into Brunton Mews in the 1970s. The West Farmhouse is now Spring House. The barns in east farm were demolished in the 1950s and replaced with large portal framed buildings. The East Farmhouse is now East House (with an extension rendered and painted mustard yellow). An archaeological desk-based assessment conducted in 2019 identified the sites' potential for prehistoric remains due to the consentration of prehistoric sites in the immediate vicinity of the site.




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