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Tyne and Wear HER(1599): Throckley, Cutty Coats Farm - Details

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Throckley, Cutty Coats Farm



Agriculture and Subsistence



Post Medieval


Extant Building

Cutty Coats farm is a group of linear farm buildings which faces south and stretches for a total length of 125 feet east-west. The present range of buildings show signs of many alterations, with bricked up openings and repairs, its plan deriving from piecemeal modifications rather than purposeful design. It is a primitive patchwork of extension, rebuilding and modification, mainly rubble built but using a variety of other materials. Part of its fabric could date from the early 18th century, even the 17th century. Whilst linear farms were probably characteristic of Northumbrian farms of the 17th century and 18th century, some were still being built in 19th century. One of the oldest structures in the Throckley area, it is on a site of long standing: Cuddy Coats Hall was a medieval farmhouse of great historic value, dating to the 14th century.




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