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Felling, Tyne Street, Holzapfel Paint Works




Dye and Pigment Site

Paint Factory



Demolished Building

Max Engelbert Adolph Holzapfel was born on 3 April 1861. He was the German consul in Newcastle before the First World War. He became a naturalized British subject in 1887. In 1881 Max, his elder brother Albert and Charles Petrie established Holzapfel Ltd in a shipyard shed in Newcastle to produce marine anti-fouling coatings by hand in wooden casks for iron-clad ships. Their paint brand was named International and the logo was a red propeller. By 1889 the company had expanded to Russia, Denmark, Italy and Germany. In 1890 the company name was changed to Holzapfel's Composition Company. In 1901 the company registered in New Jersey and produced coatings in Brooklyn, USA. They moved to larger premises in Gateshead and then in 1904 to a large factory in Felling. A drawing of the works shows a huge factiory by the river with two buildings, one with three pitches on the roof with lights, the other with four pitches and ventilators and a tall chimney. Painted on the riverside elevation is Holzapfel's Compositions Company Limited and the red propeller logo. Around 1908 it became a public company Holzapfel Ltd. Max Holzapfel was the Chairman in 1914 when factories were added in Sweden, France and Japan. Now known as International Paints, the company moved its headquarters to London. Production began in Spain, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand. They made domestic and industrial paints, marine and yacht paints. During WW2 the company made paint for the Allies naval fleets and military hardware. After the War new research and production buildings, an office and canteen were added at Felling. More factories were built in Holland, Portugal, Nigeria and Venezuela. In 1968 Courtaulds aquired International Paint, having already bought Pinchin Johnson & Associates of London (which had been trading since 1834). A new factory was opened in Felling on Stoneygate Lane in 1974. In 1998 Dutch company AkzoNobel took over Courtaulds. International Paint is the leading brand name of AkzoNobel Marine & Protective Coatings.



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