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Tyne and Wear HER(16093): Newcastle, Park Terrace - Details

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Newcastle, Park Terrace




Multiple Dwelling


Early Modern


Demolished Building

Park Terrace was one of a small group of Victorian terraces which once stood in this area. Park Terrace was recorded in 2011 ahead of its demolition. The rear of Kensington Terrace (HER 16094) was also recorded ahead of refurbishment. No.2-6 Park Terrace and Park House represented high-status 1870s housing. With the exception of a modern building, the faƧade of the terrace remained virtually intact. All of the buildings had been heavily altered internally although a fair amount of decorative plasterwork and half of the fireplaces were in situ. Examples of plasterwork included decorative cornices and arched brackets featuring human heads and foliage. No 2 Park Terrace contaied the only well-preserved stair. The loss of Park Terrace has enhanced the rarity value of Kensington Terrace which has largely survived the refurbishments.




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