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Newcastle, Central Station, Left Luggage Building




Waiting Room



Extant Building

Waiting rooms with offices above constructed in 1906, but soon put to other uses. It is located at the extreme west end of the platform concourse. The building is shown in detail on the Goad Fire Insurance plan of 1930. The building is a two-storey irregularly-shaped structure with single-pitch roof. The building is built onto the west elevation of a series of sandstone waiting and parcel rooms. The left luggage building is built of timber boarding set on a concrete base. The boarding is vertical for the lowest first 1m and horizontal thereafter. The building has been built around three pre-existing cast iron columns that support the station roof. In the east elevation there is a four-panelled entrance door with overlights and a large six-pane window at ground floor level. A moulded timber cornice marks the level of the first floor. There are moulded timber string courses. On the north elevation there are two four-panelled doors, each with overlights above. Adjacent to each door is a large window with three main rectangular panes. At first floor level there are two square windows. The north and south corners of the west elevation of the building are built onto pre-existing cast iron columns. There are two unequal sized windows at ground floor level. The first floor is plain apart from cast iron bracing for the station roof. The south elevation faces onto a yard. The western two-thirds of this elevation are composed of infill between two cast iron columns. The eastern third is infill between a column and the sandstone buildings. This creates the irregularly shape of the building. At ground level there are nine windows and at least four at first floor level but these are obscured by the station roof. Inside there are seven rooms on the ground floor, including two blocks of toilets and a kitchen. All the internal walls are vertical timber boarding apart from in the kitchen and toilets, which are glazed brick. The fllor is concrete. Historic features include boarded up fireplaces, moulded skirting boards, timber dado rails and plain cornices. The toilet block includes a moulded glazed brick cornice and terrazzo (polished concrete with exposed aggregate) floor with decorative border. The first floor is divided into six rooms. There are lanterns in the roof.




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