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Tyne and Wear HER(16146): Gateshead, Greenesfield Railway Works, lathe & erecting shop - Details

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Gateshead, Greenesfield Railway Works, lathe & erecting shop




Railway Engineering Site

Railway Works

Early Modern


Demolished Building

The engine shed and Greenesfield station buildings were extended northwards in 1851/2 by the addition of a lathe and erecting shop, while the original engine shed became an engine shop, later known as No.1 Erecting Shop. This formed the core of the Greenesfield Railway Workshops. The extension was of similar size to the earlier block to the south and was constructed of local sandstone but the detailed cornice and heavily rusticated quoins and voussoirs to the arched openings contrast markedly with the quasi-classical simplicity of the earlier buildings. The original station faƧade was fossilised within the enlarged engine shed and demolished. At this stage (or earlier) the original arched gateway onto the platform was matched by another opposing doorway in the south wall of the extension creating a through passageway.




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