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Tyne and Wear HER(16149): Gateshead, Greenesfield Railway Works, smith's shops - Details

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Gateshead, Greenesfield Railway Works, smith's shops




Metal Workers Workshop

Blacksmiths Workshop

Early Modern


Extant Building

The Smith's Shop is locally listed. It is the only surviving part of a more extensive range of Smith's shops to the east - the rest were demolished in 1987. During recording in 2003 there was no roof, no surviving gables and the walls formed an open courtyard. The north wall is constucted of sandstone rubble, with six tall windows at ground level and six square windows on the first floor. All the windows are blocked in late 20th century brick. The west and south walls are wholly of brick. On the east wall an arch-headed opening blocked with bricks marked 'Birtley Station 1910' was noted. Against the inner face of the south wall were four cast iron columns with brackets above probably to carry overhead drives for machinery.




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