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Tyne and Wear HER(16153): Gateshead, Greenesfield Railway Works, railway turntable - Details

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Gateshead, Greenesfield Railway Works, railway turntable




Railway Transport Site


Early Modern


Demolished Building

North and west of the Western Engine Shed (HER16147), patches of sandstone block paving are visible among the weeds and ballast, defined on the north side by an angled masonry foundation. Some of the paving appears to cover roughly north-south aligned flues or conduits. Both the paving and foundation are associated with expansion of the Engine Shed after 1898. The foundation is part of the north wall of the extension to the shed and was designed to avoid the costs and difficulties of building out onto the steep slope above Rabbit Banks. The block paving belonged to one of the large engine turntables which occupied the extension. The paving blocks are smooth and closely jointed. The raising and pitching to the centre are probably for drainage.




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