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Elswick, water works



Water Supply and Drainage

Water Supply Site


Early Modern


Documentary Evidence

Elswick water works operational from c.1835 until c.1846. Run by the Subscription Water Company. Shown on Oliver's plan of 1844 as 'New Water Reservoirs'. Yarnold describes the works in 1851 as having consisted of 'an engine erected upon the Elswick estate, about a mile above Newcastle, for pumping the water from the River Tyne. The water was passed through the filer beds, and forced by means of the engine to reservoirs formed by the company at Arthur's Hill, in Newcaslte, which is at an elevation on about 240ft above the level of the Tyne, and by pressure this obtained the water could be sent to all parts of the town lying at a lower level than the reservoir, which is that time comprised very nearly the whole town,'




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