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Newcastle, Cox Chare, warehouse





Early Modern


Demolished Building

Built between 1830 and 1859 of brick, it is seven storeys high rising from an earlier ashlar plinth. It has a simple eaves gutter and a slated roof. The window openings which are almost square have straight stone lintels and cills. The west elevation to Cox Chare is eleven bays long, the series of loading doors being placed in the fifth bay from the south. The north gable wall fronting Pandon is three bays wide, the central bays containing the series of loading doors. Perhaps constructed by a man called Pollard who had extensive warehouse interests in the area at that time. In 1801 in return for allowing the construction of Forster Street through property he was leasing, Pollard was allowed the use of stone from the town wall. It is thus possible that the stone basements to many of the warehouses in the area may be built of stones from the town wall.




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