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Brenkley, ridge and furrow



Agriculture and Subsistence

Cultivation Marks

Ridge and Furrow



Extant broad medieval ridge and furrow north of North Farm, Brenkley. Ridge and furrow was recorded by earthwork survey and geophysical survey in 2008 and 2012. In 2008 broad ridge and furrow north-south was traced across the northern area. From crest to crest the extant ridge and furrow in this area measured an average width of 5.5m. The ridges survived to a height of 0.3-0.4m across the majority of the northern area. In the south-western area of this patch of R&F closer to North Brenkley Farm broad R & F running north-south was also noted. The extant ridge and furrow measures 6m crest to crest with a depth of 0.5m in places. The broad rigg and strip field layout suggest a medieval date. The 2012 geophysical survey also identified features underlying the ridge and furrow although these have not been confirmed to be of archaeological origin.




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