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N Tyneside

Monkseaton, The Fold, possible village green



Gardens Parks and Urban Spaces

Village Green


An area of open ground located within the medieval core of the village and set back from the Front Street shown on 1757 plan. It was called The Fold or Fau'd. Documentary sources suggest that the area was the focus for trades and small-scale industrial activity from at least the 17th century. Industry in The Fold included a saw pit, tin worker, cooper and umbrella repairer. By 1858 The Fold had become more developed and formalised with lanes leading north from the main road either side of the central open space.




Northern Archaeological Associates, 2013, Roseberry Court, Monkseaton, Archaeological Assessment; F Thompson, 1757, Plan of the Township of Monkseaton in the Parish of Tynemouth (NRO ZHE28/5)

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