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New Silksworth village

New Silksworth




Early Modern


In 1856 Silksworth township comprised an area of 1988 acres. In 1801 138 people lived there, 150 in 1811, 210 in 1821, 252 in 1831, 267 in 1841 and 305 in 1851. The principal landowners were Major-General Beckwith (of Silksworth House), William R Robinson (of Silksworth Hall), Edward Thompson (manager of District Bank who lived at Thorney Close) and Sir William Lawson. William R Robinson was lord of the manor. The earliest owners of Silksworth were the ancient lords of Horden. Later it passed to the convent of Durham. Then to the Emildon family, who held it under a free rent of 13s 4d. It passed by marriage to the Middletons of Belsay and then to the present owners. Silksworth township included Silksworth village, Grindon and Farmton Hall. Whellan's directory of 1856 lists some of the inhabitants - Thomas Botcherley, victualler at the Grindon Mill, William Botcherley, joiner and cartwright, John Henderson, brick and tile manufacturer at The Plains. Farms included North Moor, Mill Hall, Grindon Hall, Farrington Hall, Thorney Close, South Farrington, Plains, Silksworth Moor, High Newport, South Grindon, Low Newport, High Farrington.




William Whellan & co, 1856. History, Topography and Directory of the County Palatine of Durham, p 616-617

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