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Tyne and Wear HER(16270): East Wideopen, ditches and gullies - Details

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N Tyneside

East Wideopen, ditches and gullies




Boundary Ditch


Physical Evidence

Ditches and gullies were recorded during the archaeological evaluation of 14 trenches across two fields at East Wideopen. These features are highly likely to be associated with a prehistoric settlement enclosure, identified as a cropmark on aerial photographs on the eastern edge of neighbouring playing fields to the west. The features may have taken the form of an associated outer enclosure with further occupation around the prinicpal enclosure. Alternatively, rather than forming a complete circuit the outer ditches may simply form a component of a wider network of boundaries such as at West Brunton. One of the ditches located in Trench 2 was orientated towards the SE corner of the enclosure and may represent a boundary or enclosure associated with it. In trench 4, two intercutting gullies formed a corner that appeared to mirror the NE corner of the enclosure in the field to the west. The complexity of the intercutting gullies to the south is typical of those associated with occupation rather than field boundaries.




Tyne and Wear Museums, 2012, East Wideopen, North Tyneside - archaeological evaluation and earthwork survey

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