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Newburn, Station Road, Newburn Hotel




Early Modern


Extant Building

The Newburn Hotel was built in 1894 and stood close to the former Newburn Station and may have been intended to accommodate business visitors to the former Spencer's Works. It is built in a free broadly Jacobean style, of orange brick with ashlar dressings, and a green Lakeland slate roof, with stepped-and-corniced stacks, two to the west wing; one to the east and one at the east end of the central block. The building is of an irregular H plan; the two wings barely project towards the south and both return outwards at their north ends. On the north of the main building is a yard, with a former coach house range on the north, with a further yard enclosed by single-storied stables to the west; the west side of the building overlooks a garden. The building has overall been altered little externally but has been considerably remodelled internally, although the prinicpal staircase remains an attractive feature. The hotel also has a range of outbuildings including a former coach house and lower building to the east. The buildings were recorded in 2012 by The Archaeological Practice Ltd. ahead the redevelopment of the hotel and the construction of houses in the hotel garden.




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