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Tyne and Wear HER(16294): Monkwearmouth, Whickham Street, Speeding Sail manufacturer - Details

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Monkwearmouth, Whickham Street, Speeding Sail manufacturer



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Speedings Ltd (previously J. Speeding and Co.) is Sunderlands oldest manufacturing business, established in 1827. In 2004 Speedings moved to Leechmere Industrial Estate from Whickham Street. Speeding Sail manufactory on Whickham Street shown on the Second Edition ordnance survey plan 1897. The larger building on the north side of the street is first shown on the Third Edition plan 1919. The building on Whickham Street was recorded in 2015 ahead of demolition. It is a two storey brick structure the central element of which seems to represent a purpose built sail-loft with an attached house. The domestic building had been built by 1914, this was later altered to become part of the sail works. In its entirety, Speedings' Buildings represents part of a vitaly important industry to the history of Sunderland and a part of the wider shipbuilding heritage of the city.




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