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Bishopwearmouth village






Early Medieval


Documentary Evidence

The earliest reference to Bishopwearmouth village is thought to be c. 930 A.D., when King Athelstan gave "South Wearmouth" and its appendages to the see of Durham. The site is a fairly neat rectangle, outlined initially by High Street West (North), Crowtree Road (East), Vine Place (South), Low Row and Green Terrace (West). The first development outside these boundaries seems to have been the rectory to the North, and between Low Row and the Howle-Eile or Wearmouth Burn. Despite several major redevelopments, the village core area has retained its church, churchyard, almshouses, Church Lane and green on the West side. 19th century buildings occupy the north-east corner, a college the south-west corner and the Crowtree Leisure Centre much of the east side. The West side of Low Row is now a car park, but recent excavation showed that modern construction has removed any surviving archaeological deposits.




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