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Tyne and Wear HER(16300): Wallsend, pit alignment - Details

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N Tyneside

Wallsend, pit alignment



Religious Ritual and Funerary

Pit Alignment


Bronze Age

Physical Evidence

A pit alignment consisting of individual pits and linear features was recorded during an evaluation by TWM in 2012 running in an east south-easterly direction. A ditched enclosure was also recorded (HER 16301). Similar pit alignments have been excavated at Delhi, Fox Covert and Shotton and dated to late Bronze Age. These pit alignments probably functioned at least in part in a role demarcating the landscape perhaps defining territories. Where dated, there is evidence that these features were open of r along period of time throughout the Iron Age. The pits on this site were relatively well preserved. A very small fragment of flint was recovered from one ditch sample. Trench 35 revealed two cuts - the earliest representing a large pit or ditch measuring 1.7m x 0.81m in depth with steep sides and a narrow base. Trench 38 revealed four pits and several linear cuts. The pits were orientated ESE and spaced between 0.53-0.6m apart. Only the full length of the middle two pits was exposed measuring 3.05m and 3.14m.




Tyne and Wear Musuems, 2012, Station Road, Wallsend - archaeological evaluation; Tyne and Wear Musuems, 2012, Station Road, Wallsend - Geophysical Survey; Wardell Armstrong, 2017. Land at Station Road, Wallsend, Archaeological post-excavation assessment report;

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