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Tyne and Wear HER(16307): Low Fell, Durham Road, North Dene House, garden - Details

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Low Fell, Durham Road, North Dene House, garden

Low Fell


Gardens Parks and Urban Spaces


Early Modern


Documentary Evidence

North Dene House (HER 7452) was constructed within a formal landscaped garden. Outbuildings were located to the northeast with kitchen gardens along the northern boundary. By 1897 a lodge had been added to the Durham Road entrance. The gardens were set out in a fashionable style with a curved carriageway to the south set within dense woodland. To the west of the house, was an area of open lawn, set at a lower level beyond a dividing terrace wall. The greenhouses along the north boundary wall were removed in the 1930s when the adjacent Enfield House was converted to a Junior Technical Centre. The grounds generally survived into the 1960s and the lodge until the 1970s. The majority of the woodland was cleared with the construction of the college although a number of trees survive - now protected by Tree Preservation Orders.




URS, 2012, Gateshead College, Durham Road, Gateshead - historic buildings recording

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