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Tyne and Wear HER(16321): Dinnington, North Hill, slots and pit - Details

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N Tyneside

Dinnington, North Hill, slots and pit




Archaeological Feature


Physical Evidence

Two slots and a pit were recorded during archaeological evaluation at North Hill in 2012 by TWM. These features lay west of a possible prehistoric ditch (HER16320) but are believed to be medieval in date. However, no dating eveidence was recovered. The slots may represent the remains of a tiber structure in the rear of a toft of Dinnington village. The pit was semi-circular in plan and cut through one of the slots. It measured 1.39m in diameter and 0.15m in depth.




Tyne and Wear Musuems, 2012, North Hill, Dinnington, Tyne and Wear - archaeological evaluation; The Archaeological Practice, 2018. North Hill, North View, Dinnington, Newcastle upon Tyne: Archaeological mitigation by strip, map and sample

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