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Tyne and Wear HER(16343): Marley Hill, Wagonway Row (High Row) - Details

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Marley Hill, Wagonway Row (High Row)

Marley Hill



Multiple Dwelling


Early Modern


Demolished Building

Later known as High Row. Built in the 1840s. Demolished in 1960. In 1909 there were 55 houses with allotments to either side. Between 1914 and 1918 the row was rebuilt to form 39 houses. By 1920 there were only 35 houses. In 1958 four houses were unoccupied. By October 1859 only one house in the centre of the row was occupied. Long term residents included the Vickery family from Somerset who lived there from 1881 until 1958. The Liddle family were there from 1881 to 1958. The Morton family lived there from 1861 until the end of 1958. The McDermott family from 1899 until 1925. The Riddler family from Somerset lived in High Row from 1891 to 1909. The Gooch family from Hempnall in Norfolk, from 1881 until 1918. The Brabban family from 1861 (Thomas Brabban was a miner) until 1909. The Wailes family from 1861 until 1958. The Chisholm family from 1851 to 1909.



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