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Streetgate, Streetgate Lane, cottages




Multiple Dwelling


Early Modern


Demolished Building

Alongside the Marquis of Granby Public House there was a row of three cottages. These were demolished in the late 1930s. The Shorten family lived in one of them (Richard and Sarah and their children). They had moved there from Norfolk to find work. Richard died in 1900 aged 68. He was emploed at Marley Hill Cokeworks. There was another row of four cottages which were demolished around 1914. A single cottage separated the two rows. Altogether they were known as Streetgate Lane or Low Streetgate. Residents in the 1840s included Bob Fenwick, shoemaker, George Lamb, grocer, John Talbot, house carpenter, Francis Thynne, schoolmaster and former mariner. In 1851 Bob Patterson, brickmaker, lived there. He soon moved to Marley Hill Colliery to run the firebrick works. Bridget Neves, an Irish straw bonnet maker, and her mother Jane McAfrey, widow of a linen weaver, were also there in 1851. The houses eventually came to be occupied by railway workers (the pub is next to the Tanfield Railway), later cokeyard workers.




Ordnance Survey first edition 1858; Sunniside Local History Society, no date, Streetgate,

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