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Marshall Lands

Marshall Lands


Agriculture and Subsistence



Post Medieval


Extant Building

George Rawling and his wife Margaret lived in the second half of the 18th century. Margaret was the daughter of Edward Liddell of Ravensworth. Their son Thomas (1734-1809) married Elizabeth Maddison of St. James, London, in 1775 at Whickham Church. In 1802 their daughter Ann Rawling of Marshall Lands, married Joseph Dixon, Newcastle iron merchant. Before enclosure, Marshall Lands Farm had 30 acres of land. It was owned by Sir Thomas Henry Liddell of Ravensworth in 1798. George Maddison later took over the land. Joseph Hall (1791-1875) became the tenant farmer after enclosure, of 113 acres. His son and daughter Tom and Mary ran the farm until 1897. Before the First World War John Johnson was the farmer. Then John Barron up to 1932. Joseph Tate was tenant when Priestman Collieries Ltd owned the farm. His son Leslie continued in 1939. He also ran Washingwell Farm. In 1987 Will Oates of Ouston Spring Farms Ltd bought the 250 acres around Marshall Lands on which to grow oil seed rape and wheat. The old farmhouse was renovated in 1992 but it retains a 17th century doorway. A new farmhouse was built around 1900 and the original house became a farm labourers cottage.




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