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Tyne and Wear HER(16367): Sunniside, Granby Terrace - Details

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Sunniside, Granby Terrace




Multiple Dwelling


Early Modern


Extant Building

Started in 1841 by William Thirlaway (1787-1845). The first build was the west end next to the methodist chapel (HER 16366). In 1856 John Thirlaway (1824-1903), victualler at the Granby Arms, owned the terrace. In 2014 the three eastern properties are shops (Hebe & Co, Posh Dogs and Uniform Store). The first two are stone, the latter is whitewashed. The terrace is a mix of sandstone and colliery brick with pebbledash on the upper floor. Slate roofs. No. 5 has long been a shop (presently Pot Pourri). The wife and daughter of Tom Henderson (1817-1901) ran this as a grocers shop from 1854 to 1893 while he worked at Marley Hill Coke Ovens. Mary Anne Henderson (the daughter) married Walter Fenton of Lingy Fine. The grocer's shop became a post office in 1893. Walter Fenton was the sub-postmaster. Mary Anne Fenton ran the post office, grocery and drapery shop after his death in 1920. No. 14 Granby Terrace was the last to be built. At No. 15 Tom Crawford had a grocer's shop from 1850 to 1891. In the 1920s the Kehoe sisters had a milliner's shop at No. 17. Around 1900 Dr Arthur William Attwater (1847-1904) of Whickham held his surgery at No. 7. Mrs Burns at No. 8 let her front room to Dr Andrew Smith of Whickham.




Sunniside Local History Society, no date, Front Street, Sunniside,

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