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Sunniside, Sun Street




Multiple Dwelling


Early Modern


Extant Building

In 1910 John Hutchinson of Ivy Cottage, Sunniside, bought land from Newcastle Breweries next to the Rising Sun and land from Mark Fenwick, Newcastle banker and William George Woods, Newcastle merchant, on which to build 30 'substantial dwelling houses'. The building contractor was Will Hockey of Whickham. Sun Street was built by the end of 1911. The houses sold for £200 each. Fosters of Felling supplied the bricks. Lumley Brick Company provided glazed bricks for the sculleries. Supples were brought by the Tanfield Railway to the siding on Pennyfine Road. The houses had wooden gutters. They were lit by gas. The kitchens had a range. The sculleries had a tap, a ceramic sink, a set pot with chimney flue. There was a coal shed and ash closet in the back yard. There were iron railings at the front of Sun Street but these were removed during the Second World War. Around 1923 John Cadwallender of No. 12 let out his front sitting room as a barber's shop to Mr Dunn, later Bob Grieveson and sold confectionary from a small counter. The barber's shop shut in the late 1960s. Margaret Cadwallender ran the sweet shop until 1965. No. 12 is now a beauty clinic. Mrs Bell let her front room at No. 8 to a dentist, whose main surgery was in Stanley, in the 1930s. No. 10 became a dental surgery in 1983. No. 9 was the house of the Sunniside policeman. The badge of Durham Constabulary was displayed above the door. Two new police houses were built after 1960 on the site of Lottie Brabban's Cottage (HER 16351). At No. 2 Nelly Rolf ran a fish and chip shop in her back kitchen in 1925.




Sunniside Local History Society, no date, Front Street, Sunniside,

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