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Sunniside, Dewhurst Terrace, co-operative store





Cooperative Store



Demolished Building

The Sunniside branch of Burnopfield Co-op opened in July 1911. The grocery, drapery and butchery departments were in Nos. 1 and 2 Dewhurst Terrace, with the library, billiard and reading rooms above. No. 3 became the manager's house. In September 1021 new premises were opened at the top end of Dewhurst Terrace. Built by Messrs. A & R Davis of Burnopfield to designs by John Eltringham of Blackhill. The façade was faced with freestone from Heworth Burn Quarry. The grocery department measured 79 x 26 feet. The loading dock had a hoist to the flour and grain warehouse above. Flour and grain were sent via steel chutes to the packing room. There was a dry goods store-room next door. The drapery department was 38 x 24 feet with a warehouse at the rear. A fine staircase with stained glass windows led up to the millinery showroom and boot and shoe department. At the rear were stables, a harness room and a covered shed for vans (later used by Lowdon's buses). The store cost around £13,600. The store's abattoir was behind Fell Terrace at the top of Crookbank. The co-op closed in 1987. The building was destroyed by a fire on 12 March 1992. There is a new co-operative supermarket on the site today.




Sunniside Local History Society, no date, Front Street, Sunniside,

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