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Tyne and Wear HER(16451): Benwell Low Colliery - Details

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Benwell Low Colliery




Coal Mining Site


Early Modern


Documentary Evidence

Benwell Colliery shown on Andrew Bowes Estate Plan, 1811. At that time the main colliery included two steam engines, blacksmiths shop, lime kiln, pitmens houses, Dutch barn, Viewers House and Colliery Agents House. Further pitmens houses were situated to the west and to the north of the site. Served by Benwell Colliery Waggonway (HER 15430). Land purchased by J. Crozier in 1811 after the death of Andrew Bowes. Mackenzie (1825) described Benwell Low Colliery as 'surrounded by houses occupied by pitmen, and other people engaged in the works. The house occupied by the agent, and one or two others, are very pleasant and have neat gardens adjoiing'. Mackenzie aldo identifies William Surtees, Joseph Crozier, John Buddle and George Dunn as the owners. The colliery was disused by 1861. The South Benwell Fire Brick Works (HER 4313) opened in 1858 and partly overlies the colliery site.




Archaeological Services Durham University, 2014, Land at Buddle Road, Benwell, Newcastle upon Tyne - Archaeological Assessment; Andrew Bowes Estate Plan, 1811 (NRO - Seymour Bell Collection)

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