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Tyne and Wear HER(16492): Philadelphia Works, High Engine Sheds - Details

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Philadelphia Works, High Engine Sheds




Railway Transport Site

Engine Shed



Extant Building

High Engine Sheds - may have origins in the late 19th century but the present sixe and shaped buildings are first shown on the 4th Edition map of 1946 and have datestones of 1917. The two buildings were recorded by TWM Archaeology in 2011. Building A (northernmost) is constructed from a mix of yellow and red brick with a gabled roof covered in corrugated metal sheets. It measures 61.8m by 8.33m. Beneath the roof line is a decorative brick string line spanning the length of the building. Internally there is one large open space with the roof supported by classic king post trusses. Building B (southernmost) is constructed in the same style and from the same material as A.There are three portions to this building - the main section contains fourteen bays. The main portion measures 60m by 5.43m. The inside of the main portion of the main portion has been split into two halves using breeze blocks.




TWM Archaeology, 2011, Lambton Engine Works, Philadelphia - Historic Buildings Recording

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