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Tyne and Wear HER(16520): Backworth, Church Road, The Old Post House - Details

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N Tyneside

Backworth, Church Road, The Old Post House





Farm Labourers Cottage

Early Modern


Extant Building

Constructed as farm workers' accommodation in the middle of 19th century. It is shown on the edge of the brick field (HER5766) on the 1855 Ordnance Survey plan. For a time, the cottage was used as a Post House with an extension at the front serving as the post office and the original structure as accomodation for the postmaster. It has been used as a private domestic dwelling for the past two decades. The building was recorded in 2011 prior to redevelopment. It was noted that all the original fixtures and fittings had been altered/replaced. No evidence for an earlier building on the site were noted during investigations in 2011.




Alan Williams Archaeology, 2011, The Old Post House, Backworth - Historic Buildings Recording and Watching Brief

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