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Tyne and Wear HER(1653): Blaydon Burn, Haggerstone Mill/Rennison's/Pickering's - Details

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Blaydon Burn, Haggerstone Mill/Rennison's/Pickering's

Blaydon Burn



Industrial Building


Post Medieval


Demolished Building

A mill known as Haggerstone's Mill stood below the site of the old forge in 1775 but all traces of it had gone a century later. Rent accounts refer to a Rob. Trumble at Haggerston Mill in 1790 and a Tho. Wood in 1801 and 1802. An article in the Newcastle Chronicle in 1783 says: "To be let on Tuesday 15 April next, and entered upon the 12 May following ….all that well known and well accustomed water corn mill, called by the name by Haggersone's Mill, in Blaydon Burn …belonging to the Lords of Winlaton, and now occupied by Robert Turnbull as tenant…". A mill race is still in evidence and it is thought that the mill building may have been used for another purpose - possibly part of the metal works or the gas retort works. Not to be confused with HER ref. 3422 which was also called Haggerstone's Mill or Fenwick's Mill.




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