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N Tyneside

North Shields, Tynemouth Road, milestone

North Shields




Post Medieval



Late 18th century milestone on Tynemouth Road just within the southern boundary of Northumberland Park. The Newcastle to North Shields and Tynemouth Turnpike Road was open by at least 1776. The milestone is clearly shown on an 1826 plan of Newcastle described as '8' milestone. This was an important route until it was superseded by the Newcastle to Shields Railway in 1839. This milestone is one of two remaining on this route, the other being the '6' milestone which is Grade II listed. The milestone is rectangular in shape tapering towards the ground standing c.0.5m in height. The milestone is round-deaded and its front face is inscribed with a large figure '8' denoting its position 8 miles from Newcastle. LISTED GRADE 2.




English Heritage (Designation), Consultation Report, 4th September 2014; English Heritage, 23 March 2015, Advice Report, 1421393

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