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Newcastle, St. Nicholas Square, police signal box




Telecommunication Structure

Police Box

Early Modern


Documentary Evidence

Hexagonal police signal box with gas lamp on the roof. Used the gas lamp for signalling. Located in front of the town hall (east side of south elevation). Shown on a photo which must post-date September 1894, as the Rutherford Fountain is present. Pre-dates 1900 because the tram posts are not present. Not clear whether it is wooden or metal. The Rutherford Fountain was moved to the Bigg Market in 1903 and was replaced by a statue of Queen Victoria. Photos of the statue unveiling in 1903 do not show the police signal box so it had been removed by that date. A similar demo-model of a wooden hexagonal NTC police signal box is shown on a photo of Glasgow, taken in 1895.




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