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Newcastle, Great North Road, police box




Telecommunication Structure

Police Box



Documentary Evidence

Newcastle upon Tyne City Police introduced wooden police boxes in 1922 that were painted green and white, had two small square 6-light windows at the top of each elevation and red tiled roofs. They were designed by Chief Constable Fred Crawley and manufactured by Binns for £12 18s 6d each. The first Newcastle box was located at a busy junction on the Great North Road. The duty policeman was there to control the traffic. A blue glass gas lamp on a green lampost was added in front of the police box to show that it was permanently manned. Several years later a flashing alert lamp and gong were added. Between 1949 and 1953 a set of manually operated traffic lights were installed at the junction. A K6 phone box was added. The police box, K6 telephone box and the traffic lights are shown on a photo of circa 1955.




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