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Tyne and Wear HER(1660): Blaydon Burn, Old Dockendale Hall - Details

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Blaydon Burn, Old Dockendale Hall

Blaydon Burn





Post Medieval


Demolished Building

Dockendale Hall and farm were part of the estate of the Silvertop family, who came to Tyneside during the Commonwealth and settled at Dockendale. William Silvertop was involved in coal trade, and in 1669 became agent for the Winlaton Estate through close friendship with Albert Hodgson, one of the lords of the manor [Fighting Trade 1, 142]. Bourn relates a story of a woman living at Dockendale in 1760, finding money in an old bureau she had bought at a sale in Winlaton [Bourn, 100]. In 1765 the premises were occupied by John Humble and Thomas Billy, and offered for sale that year. From 1797-8 the farm of Dockendale was rented by Matthias William Dunn, who altered it in 1810 into tenements for his keelmen. With the coming of the railway in 1834 the need for keelman declined, and by 1840 Dockendale Hall was empty [History of Blaydon, 76]. The 1st edition OS of 1858 marks it as derelict and called ‘Old Walls’. The site of the Hall was destroyed when the Electric Power Sub-Station (53) was built in 1904. There are no visible remains.




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