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Bradley, Bradley Hall Farm (Sour Mires)



Agriculture and Subsistence



Post Medieval


Extant Building

The 1881 census refers to "Bradley Home Farm". Prior to this time the farm was known as "Sour Mires". The history and development of the farm, certainly in the mid to late 19th century, was linked to the ownership and occupancy of Bradley Hall (HER ref. 527). The age of Sour Mires is unknown, but it appears to be at least 18th century in origin. The 1841 census records two dwellings there, one inhabited by Robert Weatherhead, a gardener, with his wife and four children, the other tenanted by William Johnson, a 25 year old farmer with his wife and three other persons. There are no buildings of great age on the site and it is possible that the development of the buildings to form a working farmstead took place in the period immediately prior to 1840. During the early 20th century, the former threshing barn was demolished, and new buildings were added including a stable block.




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