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Tyne and Wear HER(16672): Newcastle, The Wheat Sheaf Inn - Details

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Newcastle, The Wheat Sheaf Inn




Licensed Premises

Public House


Demolished Building

6-8 Cloth Market. The 'Wheatsheaf' P.H., was owned by John Balmbra in 1858. It was open from the late 18th century. Balmbra had previously held Harmonic Meetings in the Royal Hotel in Grainger Street. The Wheatsheaf was Newcastle's first music hall. It was the setting in 1862 for the first performance of George Ridley's song 'The Blaydon Races' in which it is mentioned. In 1865 the singing room was enlarged and called the Oxford Music Hall. The Wheatsheaf was accessed via a side passage that ran from Bigg Market along the southern plot to the rear yard. By 1883 the building ranged over three floors. The ground floor comprised a series of bars and snugs either side of a central staircase, the music hall was on the first floor. Joshua Bagnall of the Royal Scotch Arms took over (date unknown). Eventually the competition of the Variety Theatre was too strong and the Wheatsheaf became a pub again. Demolished 1901 replaced by Carlton Hotel and restaurant later renamed Balmbras (HER 9097).




MGA, 2010, 5 to 13 Grey Street, Drury Lane and 6-8 Cloth Market - Heritage Appraisal

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